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Intersection TV: One in Christ?

From Intersection, “A recent survey suggested that: “The most segregated time in America is Sunday morning.” Are Christian churches–is the Adventist Church–doing a good job reflecting the biblical mandate that we be “one in Christ?” Our panel talks about why we tend to gravitate toward congregations made up of those who share our ethnicity or background. And what we can do, on a personal level, to better reflect a Christianity that transcends barriers of race, politics, or personal allegiances.”

One in Christ? from Intersection on Vimeo.

Panelists: Ernie Castillo: Vice-President, Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America; Rosa Banks: Associate secretary, Adventist world church; Pat Gustin: former director, Institute of World Mission

Also Included: A story of Ghanaian immigrants in Germany; Clips from the recent Let’s Talk at the General Conference world headquarters.

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