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Intersection TV: Green Adventism

We hear it all the time on the news: the earth is in peril, we need to take better care of our planet! So what does this mean for Christians? In “Green Christianity” Intersection’s panelists talk about the special relationship that Seventh-day Adventists have with nature and the importance of taking care of God’s Creation.

Christians and the Environment from Intersection on Vimeo.

Featured Panelists: Melinda Villanueva: biology professor, Columbia Union College; Floyd Murdoch: naturalist and educator; and Alexander Carpenter: instructor, Pacific Union College.

Check it!

Right away, Floyd Murdoch schools me with a lil’ Spirit of Prophecy for repeating the old phrase about nature being God’s second book.

And here’s a six minute interview with Nancy Lecourt, Vice President for Academic Administration at Pacific Union College. Here she talks about PUC’s green focus.

Nancy Lecourt from Intersection on Vimeo.

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