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Intersection TV: Christians and Science

Friends or Foes?: We live in a world that is dominated by science and technology. And, sometimes science casts doubt on what Christians believe to be true. So, how as Seventh-day Adventists can we live in a world of science that often contradicts our lives of faith? In “Faith and Science: Friends or Foes?” our panel takes a look at science and faith and talks about how Christians reconcile sometimes competing narratives.

Discussion panelists:

  • Clifford Goldstein
  • Melvin Roberts
  • Clinton Wahlen

Includes a clip from filmmaker Paul Kim’s “In the Beginning” series.

btw: The initial idea for “Intersection: Your World, Your Faith” came from Pastor Jan Paulsen, General Conference president. He wanted a program that would discuss topics that affect every Christian’s life, and which would present a unique Seventh-day Adventist take on current issues.

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