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Interfaith Blog Potluck

By Johnny A. Ramirez & Alexander Carpenter

Image taken by Marlon Butler, who works for ADRA in Malawi, on his recent trip with Ron Osborn of Deserts of Vast Eternity during his Advent season sojourn in Africa.
Get to know Adventist filmmaker and missionary Tim de la Torre.Sherman Cox II thinks about the future of conversations in the Adventist blogosphere.
Oregon Adventist Pastor notes that he is batting 0 for 4 with his congregation according to a new church growth study.
This week started off with the right wing Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) alleging that the National Council of Churches gets as much or more funding from liberal foundations than from member denominations.  It didn’t take long for it to come out that the IRD report was actually authored by a Bush campaign worker.  It also turns out that the IRD gets a whopping 40% of its funding from conservative foundations.
Hundreds of Reformed Judaism Rabbis signed a letter stating that “Jewish labor law rests on the assumption that a full-time worker shall earn enough to support his/her family.” Via Religion Clause.
Read Joy Tirado ruminating about Mi Mamá at A Time For Joy.
Trevan Osborn of Divergence looks back at his first few days as an associate pastor in Richmond, Virginia.
East and West, Catholic and Adventist, icons pro and con- it is all discussed on this Progressive Adventism post on Catholic Adventism: Cause for Concern or Celebration? by Nathaniel Gamble.
David of Just Pastors provides for a few good laughs in his post Leap of Faith.
Karen Holverson of Adventist Women for Peace links us to a 1939 cartoon calling for peace on earth.
Monte Sahlin of Faith in Context reacts to a poll on  What do They Think Will Happen in 2007?
Jim Miles of JimBlog thinks back to his own minimum wage jobs on this post on the recent increase.
If you like Adventist-related books you may enjoy these posts from Hobbes’ Place and Johnny’s Blog.
Endorsed by heavyweights Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Jon Paulien & Monte Sahlin, Adventist Pastor Samir Selmanovic is well on his way towards starting Faith House Manhattan.  Read about it here.  Read some of the push back here.
Adventist Peace Fellowship blogs on war and Martin Luther King over at Peace Messenger.
Our own Alexander Carpenter writes a worthy roundup for Faith in Public Life as well as Zeitgeist 8.0 for The Beatitudes Society.  Well done!
Asbury Theological Seminary is in the midst of a serious crisis reports Christianity Today.
Don Byrd of Blog From the Capital tells us about the coming Religious Freedom Day, January 16.
If you or your church is planning to participate, drop a comment and let us know how.

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