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Hollywood Church Makes the Review

Good friend of the Spectrum Blog, Pastor Ryan Bell gets a nice write-up in the current Adventist Review. (h/t Jeff’s Justice Journal)

MEMBERS OF THE HOLLYWOOD Adventist Church in California believe in wholistic ministry, which they describe as “going beyond service to include advocacy and social change.” That’s why church leaders and members there are learning to implement the skills of community organizing (emphasis supplied).

We are conducting one-on-one interviews with our members and people outside the church to learn what the needs of the community are,” says Ryan J. Bell, senior pastor of the 170-member congregation. “So far we have been involved in the struggle for access to quality health care for all children and affordable housing throughout Los Angeles, including a specific plan to provide housing for the homeless. Our work has taken us to city hall, Sacramento, and to Washington, D.C., as we speak out with and for those

You want to talk about new forms of evangelism and helping congregates catch a vision for their faith community. . .this is a beginning. To things like this: on Jan 16th the church won a $10,000 Community Beautification* Grant from the city and they plan to hire graffiti artist Man One to paint the freeway-facing wall of their church.

*The post originally said Beatification.

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