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Having a hernia in Tchad

The latest from the good doctor at Béré Adventist Hospital in Tchad.
Tonight’s topic is one that is very dear to all of our hearts and a constant source of revenue for our parent organization, the Bere Adventist Hospital: How to have a hernia in Tchad.
In order to have a really sizable hernia, one that is noticeable even when wearing pants (or one that requires you to give up pants and wear a skirt) one must ignore the hernia one’s entire life. It is also helpful to come from an agriculture tradition requiring years of hard, back-breaking labor bent over in a rice field.
One should let it get so big that ones entire collection of small intestines and part of the colon should be able to fit inside if one makes an effort. Making that effort is much more easily achieved under the influence of the local brew. One has many to choose from: cochette (rice wine), arguile (millet wine with a touch of methanol), bili-bili (who knows what fermented in a tasty beverage) as well as your more exotic beer.
If one is going to be operated on, it is much better to wait until after a hard day of bargaining at the market and a serious evening imbibing. Then, through various silly manoeuvres only achievable when dead drunk, one is able to achieve that mass excursion of intestines, colon and sometimes bladder into the hernia sac.
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