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The Happy Sabbath Project – Join In

Wow, what an intense week. Less than one hundred hours to election day. Finally. And then there is a General Conference election to think about. . .

I’m ready for another vacation, and am so thankful for the Sabbath right now.

Did you know that this new site launched on Nov. 19? That means this new incarnation of Spectrum is almost a year old!

Come Thanksgiving Day, we’ve got some institutional things for which to be thankful.

Check out these stats. Thus far we’ve had:

  • 135,980 Visitors
  • 290,967 Visits
  • 807,788 Pageviews
  • And 15,756 Comments

Praise God! And thank you all for your continued dedication to creating some good conversations.

But this has got me thinking.

We do a lot of disagreeing, with comments stretching on controversial issues into the hundreds.

As fun (or hair-pulling) as the discussion can be, it’s vital to recognize the values and beliefs which unite us as Seventh-day Adventist Christians. No one is better. We’re all sinners in need of God’s grace and each others’ understanding. And significantly, we all worship the same God and find meaning in the Sabbath.

It’s the Sabbath night before the election. Let’s try an experiment: Let’s see how many different people we can get to wish a Happy Sabbath.

If we can knock out an argument about the nature of salvation, gender issues, sin, or science, we can wish our conversation partners a Happy Sabbath too.

After all, along with pointing out error and expressing our beliefs, building up the body of Christ is our duty too.

So note my Happy Sabbath to you all below.

Join me.

And together, let’s see how many Happy Sabbath comments we write as a community.

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