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Happy 87th Birthday, Elaine

On June 7, 2007, when this blog was one year old, I wrote a post about some of our most frequent commenters. A lot of things have changed on the Spectrum blog since then, but Elaine Nelson remains a constant presence. Today is her 87th birthday, and since we function as a virtual community, I thought I’d take a moment and share my appreciation for her. Although I don’t always agree with her sentiments (sometimes she comes after me!), I’m glad that the Spectrum community includes a variety of unapologetically honest voices, like Elaine’s. In 2007, I solicited short bios and the following is what Elaine sent over.

Grew up in Bible Belt South as a Preacher’s kid. All education through first year college at SDA institutions. After kids were grown I completed undergraduate degree in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco, graduating with my elder daughter who received her master’s degree. Nearly twenty years later decided to get M.A. in Liberal Studies online and completed before 82nd birthday. As a retiree from medical ancillary work, I’ve enjoyed the gift of time, especially reading and contributing to the very provocative subjects presented on the Spectrum blog. I’ve always been a questioner and unsatisfied with simplistic answers and depending on others, it’s either a blessing or curse to be saddled with being Devil’s Advocate. Probably came with the genes or the SDA indoctrination with “Truth” that should not be questioned.

Happy Birthday, Devil’s Advocate—in a good way! Thanks for being our thoughtful conversation partner all these years. To many more.

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