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At the end of June 2013, 15 months ago, Alexander Carpenter wrote a farewell message on the Spectrum blog — this blog that he started and nurtured and made into the must-read destination it became. He handed it over to me as interim editor — a job I reluctantly accepted. I never dreamed more than a year would go by until I could write my own farewell note.

In the limited time I have available with three very young children to care for, as well as a host of other responsibilities, I have done my best to keep the blog updated, and up to the high standards Alex set for it. Sometimes I am not sure that I succeeded.

But I have enjoyed it greatly. I have enjoyed corresponding with so many talented writers and contributors; finding stories that need telling, then shaping them; and of course working with the wonderful Spectrum team, especially the wise and inimitable Bonnie Dwyer.

Now, however, the Spectrum blog is entering a new dimension. Thanks to the generosity and support of many of you, editing the Spectrum blog will no longer be a less-than part-time job. A full-time position has been created, which will create amazing possibilities. As Bonnie Dwyer said in her message today: More stories, more in-depth reporting, more special features, more eyewitness reports, and more opinion pieces will all be a part of the shiny new Spectrum blog, with Jared Wright at the helm.

Readers of the blog will be blessed by Jared’s experience, connections and passion for quality Adventist reporting and writing.

I will remain part of the Spectrum team as editor of the Interviews section.

Thanks to all of the Spectrum blog readers for being a part of our community through conversation. 

And (as Alex said): The best is yet to come.

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