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The Great Controversy Meets NYC

This is what happens when you try to mail The Great Controversy to people in New York City.

A reader writes, “twelve discarded Great Controversy books in my building. This is what we do with junk mail.” It eventually gets tossed into the trash.

As we said during my time colporteuring: a give away is a throw away. 

This effort is part of the NY13 evangelistic series that General Conference President Ted Wilson will be headlining this summer in lower Manhattan.

It’s kind of sad to see Adventists treating Ellen White’s work so poorly in that they find the cheapest paper and dump them on people. Having the books sit out like this communicates a lack of respect by the senders to someone who comes across this scene. Also, a note on presentation—whoever designed this is doing a terrible job. It looks like a Jehovah’s Witness magazine met a pulp science fiction novel about chess pieces taking over the world.

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