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The Good News Wrap-up, Interviews

One weekend in Loma Linda, twelve people and twelve presentations in 24 hours freshened the Adventist air with gospel potpourri. No mentions of beasts, horns, dragons or harlots, just a series of refreshing messages that were all Good News all the time from Dr. Desmond Ford, founder of Good News Unlimited, and a formidible cabal of Adventist theologians, ministers and physicians under the banner of the Good News Tour.

Unfortunately for me and for many others, the presentations by Dr. Desmond Ford and those by the Good News Tour overlapped, forcing people to choose which brand of Gospel to partake of.

I tried to cover as much of both events as humanly possible, which turned out to be better in theory than in actual practice. Below, I offer the fruits of my labor–interviews, analysis and a few final thoughts.

First, I offer you some well-written reflections on Dr. Ford’s Sabbath presentation by my blogging friend, K2:

    Pastor Christoffel calls this an “historic and important event” and Ford a “great champion of the gospel.” A palpable sense of expectation and eagerness can be felt. They’ve got these big boom cameras swinging around to record the proceedings. My wife tells me not to smile too much lest GC bigwigs see footage of the lecture.

    Ford talks some smack about the moral influence theory–it gives believers good feelings, but there is no legal declaration or assurance. He says that Romans is “the most important letter”–it’s the biggest and the only systematic explanation of the atonement. “You’re not ready for the 2nd Advent unless you understand the first!”

Read the rest here.

Next, I’ve assembled a series of interviews I recorded over the weekend.

Theatrical Trailer:

Pastor Chris Oberg on Des Ford:

Dr. Alden Thompson on Atonement, Diversity, Good News

Pastor Manuel Silva on Metaphor & being arrested in Canada (1 of 2)

part 2

Dr. Kendra Haloviak discusses Glacier View, Luke Ford, and Atonement (1 of 2)

Finally, isn’t it cool that for a weekend, the major theological concerns of a large Adventist community had everything to do with the good news about God and what God does!

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