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Is global warming theologically impossible?

I recently ran across this article by Joseph Farah saying that global warming is theologically impossible because of G-d’s promise to Noah. My favorite passage (actually it makes me a little nauseous):
“It is so presumptuous and haughty of believers and non-believers alike to think man is in control of the destiny of the planet God created for us. If it were so, would he not have warned us? With all of the prophecies in the Bible, should we not expect to be told that such matters are actually in our hands? Why would we be told exactly the opposite throughout scripture?”
So much for the importance of being stewards of the Earth eh?
It reminds me of the old joke about the fellow who ignored all the people who told him to leave town because a flood was coming.
“It was on the news!” his friends pleaded.
“G-d will protect me” he said.
The flood drove him to the top floor of his house and when a raft came by his window he turned it away saying “I have faith in my heavenly father.”
The water level chased him onto the roof and a helicopter came by with a rope ladder and he waved it off — “The lord has promised not to forsake me. I will stand firm and confident!”
He drowned.
When he got to heaven he walked right up to G-d and demanded angrily “You told me you would protect me and provide for my safety and this is how you repay my faith and my witness?!?”
To which G-d responded flatly: “Listen buddy. I sent you a weather report a raft and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

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