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Global Days for Darfur

By Alexander Carpenter
As you know time is running out for the people of Darfur.
Four years of genocidal violence has left over 400,000 dead, 2.5 million innocent civilians displaced, and 4 million men, women, and children completely reliant on international aid for survival. Not since the Rwandan genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of displacement, starvation, rape, and mass slaughter.
For Adventists with especially tender memories of Rwanda, our community should be clear and strong on pressuring our government to pressure the international community to stop supporting the genocidal Sudanese government.
Over at God’s Politics, Adam Taylor titles his Friday Darfur post: For God’s Sake, Save Darfur! End the Politics of Delay. And he lists growing numbers of folks of faith who are acting out, “273 events in 175 cities and 42 states (and D.C.) across the country, as well as events in 20 countries.”
Loma Linda University religion prof Julius Nam and Claremont grad student Trisha Famisaran are both promoting  the Loma Linda University Church film and conversation: Darfur Diaries.
“The Save Darfur Coalition is a non-profit organization and advocacy group dedicated to ending the genocide in the western Sudanese region of Darfur. It is a coalition of over 160 faith-based, humanitarian, and human rights organizations designed to raise public awareness and to mobilize an effective united response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of some two million people in Darfur.”
According to their wikipedia entry:

The Save Darfur Coalition began on July 14, 2004 when the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and American Jewish World Service organized a Darfur Emergency Summit at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan featuring Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel. Mr. Wiesel inspired the group with his impassioned remarks about the suffering being inflicted on Darfurians: “How can I hope to move people from indifference if I remain indifferent to the plight of others? I cannot stand idly by or all my endeavors will be unworthy.”

You’ve got to check out Johnny Ramirez’s flash graphic for Global Days for Darfur.
If you want to do something with your church, here’s Sojourners’ Global Days for Darfur toolkit as well as other resources.
But there are one thing that we can do as active members, not just thinking typists, in the Spectrum Adventist community.
Donate directly to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency Darfur/Sudan fund. I volunteered for a year for ADRA Bangladesh and saw first hand that even a little bit of support creates an exponential difference in human life. 

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