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Ghana Church Launches “Year of the Adventist Youth”

The Ghana Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church announced the launch of “The Year of the Adventist Youth,” reports GhanaWeb.

. . .the churches could do this by giving the youth the requisite technical and vocational skills, as well as financial support programmes to enable them to lead independent lives, in addition to giving them moral training.

He said this would help reduce the unemployment situation in the country, and urged the youth to position themselves for the various opportunities available to them, by allowing themselves to be given the necessary training to meet the requirements for the employment opportunities.

“As the Church makes the clarion call for revival, it is my hope that all young Adventists would rally to the call and position themselves for positive action”, Mr Aidoo, Western Regional Minister, said.

Pastor (Dr) Samuel Adama Larmie, President of the Ghana Union Conference, said that the church has dedicated this year to the youth because they are the future of the Church and society. “It is the collective responsibility of all to guide the youth to direct their creativity into areas that would ensure national unity and progress and cautioned the youth to be wary of some politicians, who would like to take advantage of them for their selfish gains.”

In early December, the Ghanaian Times reported on Elder Larmie’s recent reelection to church leadership.

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