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GC Schedules Worldwide 10 Days of Prayer Over 11 Days


In a strange move for an enthusiastically literalistic church administration, General Conference officials have scheduled this year’s international 10 Days of Prayer for January 7-17, 2015, an 11-day period.

Billed as a way to remember the 10 days of Pentecost that preceded the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, The 10 Days of Prayer are organized annually as a way to promote spirituality and community among Adventist congregations around the world.

“Either someone powerful can’t count or this was a monumental typo,” commented John Tan, Senior Pastor at Oak Grove Church in Glendale, Calif.   “I didn’t even notice it until my 4th grade son pointed it out to me.  Is nobody going to say anything?”

“We are still a little gun shy when it comes to statements regarding the specifics of day counts so don’t looks to us to speak up,” said untenured Associate Professor of Religion, Zalda Greer at La Sierra University when pressed for comment, “I will say that with all the fuss about a literal, 6-day creation, this seems like a genuinely curious move.”

Although some analysts have openly wondered if the contradictory scheduling was a deliberate move by church leadership to demonstrate a new openness to focus on broader themes like the power of prayer over squabbles over day counts, Tan remains convinced that there has simply been a mistake.  “More prayer is better than less I guess,” he said “but for a dates-obsessed church this does seem a tad contradictory.”


Sevvy is a writer at the anonymously-authored humor and satire blog

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