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Flip on Catholics, Flop on Jews: The Religious Right’s Hagee Men

Last week, scrubbing away under the political pressure, Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League, followed the need of McCain and absolved anti-Catholic John Hagee for his whore of Babylon language.

Now, with Talk to Action‘s release of new audio evidence that Hagee also thinks that God led Hitler to kill Jews for the good of apocalyptic theology, McCain has denounced his Hagee man, but Donohue seems stuck between his flip and his flop. Does he stick with his new pal who was anti-Catholic last week, or stand up for serious Catholic theology which finds no room for arguments that God had six million Jews killed in order “to hunt” the rest to Israel to set the Rapture stage?

Thus far, Donohue has released a statement sticking with his first flip to Hagee calling him sincere, friendly and “a genuine friend to Israel.” With friends who sing and pray for the destruction of Jerusalem, who needs to listen to actual Jews, like president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric Yoffie? (He said back on May 15):

“Christian Zionists, and especially Christians United for Israel, do not offer unconditional support for the Jewish state. They offer support for a particular religious vision, particular Israeli leaders, and particular political factions, all of which reflect their own prophecy-driven view of the Middle East,” Yoffie said in an April speech, calling Hagee and his group “extremists.”

Yoffie thinks that Hagee “is not the kind of friend that Israel needs,” said spokesman Donald Cohen-Cutler.

Now it looks like Donohue has added a theological and moral flop to his earlier political flip. He sold out his Catholicism for a bowl of whorible pottage and now he’s stuck holding the Hag.

Now, what will McCain do about his other pastor problem, the Ohio Hot Rod?

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