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Fearing and loathing unnatural capitalism with Hunter Lovins

By Alexander Carpenter

I’m out in Colorado with 44 faith leaders who run the Interfaith Power and Light campaign. This evening we listened to the wise words of Hunter Lovins. She is a postmodern prophet — tough, cowboy hat-wearin’, convertible drivin’ and she’s been working on climate change science and sustainable business consulting for over twenty years.
Now she hangs out with Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson and talks at places like the World Economic Forum and Saint John the Divine cathedral.
She knows more about sustainable business than anyone I’ve ever heard. And she’s brilliant on stopping global warming via cutting our emissions first and then developing renewable energy. She also convinced me that nuclear is not an option in our lifetime — too long to make it work, too dangerous, too carbon wasteful in refinement and construction, much less the extraction. Bottom line: The next ten years are the most critical for us to act in saving our natural environment.
Check out her firm: Natural Capitalism, creating the next industrial revolution. (Lots of free resources and information to share with your friends and congregates!)

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