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Fast Adventist News

More Loma Linda School of Medicine graduates got there from Pacific Union College than any other school.

Seventh-day Adventist member of Congress, Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) spoke at the March for Life in DC.

  • Flooding in Fiji takes lives, destroys property and impacts mission;
  • President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the West Indies is appointed Jamaica¹s sixth Governor General;
  • Adventist academics meet to discuss how the Christian faith can best tackle modern day issues and problems;
  • ADRA assist early school leavers to acquire workplace skills in Gatton, Queensland;
  • Current and former brass band members of Beulah College raise thousands of dollars for the band and school during a reunion;
  • 600 attendees at the 17th four day Polish Adventist congress in Melbourne are joined by 1000 viewers on the internet.

The Food and Drug Administration and Washington Adventist Hospital collaborate.

Pastor Bernie reports from the biennial North American Division Ministries Conference.

A evangelical church that meets on Saturdays and follows some Jewish rituals, confuses some.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) wins big award for HIV/AIDS radio drama in Malawi.

Southern Adventist University continues to have record enrollment.

A physician at Loma Linda University’s new Heart and Surgical Hospital performed the facility’s first robotic-assisted surgery this week.

And success continues at the City of Loma Linda’s community garden:

In the beginning, word spread slowly through the community and demand was so light that gardeners were allowed a second plot to grow more food if they wanted it. But as word got out and food prices rose, the garden filled up and the city developed a 30-name waiting list of would-be gardeners, said Joanne Heilman, executive assistant to the Loma Linda city manager.

“Especially this past year, the way the economy has gone, a lot of people are looking for resources,” Heilman said. “This is one of them.”

The garden is so successful the city has opened a second one, with at least 15 plots, on the east side of Evans Street near Loma Linda University, she said.

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