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Facing Major Losses, Review and Herald Publishing Reduces Workforce

The Hagerstown-based Herald-Mail reports that Monday marked layoffs at the Review and Herald Publishing plant in Maryland.

‘We’ve been facing massive financial losses for the past several years,’ spokesman Kim Peckham said Monday.

Projected financial losses for this year are $2.4 million, according to an association news release. Peckham said the association was not in danger of defaulting to creditors.

‘If we’re going to be viable and still be in service to the church, we need to get a handle on it. That’s why these dramatic things are happening today,’ Peckham said.

When Monday began, the publishing arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church employed 206 people, Peckham said. After the changes have taken effect, Peckham expects that number to be around 170.

One employee wrote on her Facebook page:

Penny Wheeler is no longer employed, gainfully or otherwise. Got caught in the Monday Morning Massacre– as it will be known. So many of the others are much worse off than I am. I’ve been wanting to do all kinds of things . . .now it’s time to see if I follow through. But I’ll miss my job and miss my friends. I still loved my work.

H/t: Bill Cork.

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