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Evangelism and Spiritual Sex

We’re about to take Wimbledon by storm and I hope you will be a part of it. Let me explain.

On the 7th of November from 7-9pm, we will put together an event called: “Spiritual Sex – an evening exploring the depths of your soul”. The event is a journey into how spiritual sex really is, and you can watch it LIVE:

Most of us have heard time and again everything what sex isn’t. What people should not do. What the church says no to. What the world frowns upon. Yet, there is little discussion about what sex actually is. We’re about to change that.

London has developed a culture where sex seems to be very talked about in various circles. However, this discussion has also been limited. Most talk of sex remains on the physical dimensions of technique and positions. Yet most people wonder if there is more to it than our senses inform us. What if there is a deep & meaningful dimension to sex that people find difficult to explore?

There is an ancient poem called “Song of Solomon”, which goes to the heart of spirituality within sexuality. We are all full of sexual energies – could this ancient poem help us navigate through this journey into the depths of our souls?

If you, or anyone you know, would like to explore this further, please visit to watch this event LIVE online at:

If you are on facebook, please use this page to promote it to your friends:

If you need adverts to email to friends, please visit:

Thanks and I hope that you will watch the live online stream. God bless!

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