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Dr. Russell Standish Passes

Dr. Russell Standish was killed in an automobile crash on May 2 2008, in Australia.

The wikipedia entry currently records:

The identical twin brothers were born on 27 October, 1933[1] to Darcy Rowland Standish (1912–1997) and Hilda Marie Joyce Standish née Bailey (1912–74).[2] Their hometown is Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia. In 1951 as seventeen year olds, they were impressed by an evangelistic meeting in Newcastle held by George Burnside.

They studied at Avondale College in 1950 and ’51, studying primary teaching primarily, and graduating from the “Theological Normal Course”. They encountered Desmond Ford, who in 1950 was in his final year of study, and while they would later be highly critical of his theology, they “respected him very highly indeed. He was an able speaker even at that time and possessed a prodigious knowledge of the scriptures. His godly character was in evidence at that time…”

Colin is an author and administrator, as well as the founder and president of Hartland College. He received a PhD in psychology from the University of Sydney in Australia. He has worked in both academic and administrative jobs at Avondale College, West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) and Columbia Union College. He was ordained to the ministry on 17 April, 1971.

Russell is a medical doctor and author living in Australia. He completed medical training at the University of Sydney in Australia, and has worked as a hospital administrator and missionary in Southeast Asia and in Australia. He was ordained on 6 December 1980, is the founder of Remnant Ministries and runs Highwood.

They were presenters at the Questions on Doctrine 50th anniversary conference in 2007, where they also distributed free copies of their papers, each presented in book form.

Dr. Russell Standish died in a motor vehicle accident on May 2nd 2008 in Australia.

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