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Denver Dispatch | Day ii

It’s hot and windy here in Denver.
Yesterday, here at the Global Internet Evangelism Network forum, I presented a short breakout session on blogging in Adventism. Mostly talked about all the boring conversations we have here with the Spectrum site (snark).
I asked who had checked out this site and around half the folks raised their hands. Keep an eye out for Gary Krause – I’m hoping to catch more of his great Australian irony on here.
Several folks expressed concern over our open commenting policy, but shared what I believe which is that for the most part, when folks have to actually take repeated public responsibility for their opinions and knowledge and read and argue again a variety of other perspectives the community benefits.
This GiEN forum is an interesting gathering of world church administrators, entrepreneurial technologists and folks interested in new media and the web. Earlier in the morning, the planning team provided an interesting session in which the attendees posed questions to actual young Adventists. Really. These kids were like 12 years old and pretty articulate about their web use. I noticed that they did not talk about reading church periodicals, although they did talk about how they would appreciate a web site geared for them that answered their questions about the Bible and spirituality. And they really like to play video games and not be bored.

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