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Denominational Admin Discuss ‘Revival for Mission’

In this video Ted Wilson begins a discussion with church leaders by stating: “Not long ago a number of leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide took a trip, a trip that helped not only to review history and activities of the church in the past, but also a trip that helped to bind us together as a team, to bind us in the love of Jesus for a mission that God has entrusted into our hands. I wanna ask some questions of some of the leaders here who are gathered with us and three of them right here next to me are going to help share some of the reactions that they had in relation to this bonding tour. We have with us Alberto Gulfan from the Southern Asia Pacific region, Israel Leito who is from the Inter-American region, and Bertil Wiklander from the Trans European region.”

Click here to read the transcript via ANN.
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