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Deep Thought on the Hope Channel

It is really bad. Seriously.

It defies decorum to say it publicly, but it’s actually what a lot of Adventists think. I try to keep up on church media and each time I check back in on Hope the viewer experience actually seems to be getting worse.


  • Do you want to fall asleep while someone squints into the camera while obviously reading cue cards?
  • Miss the feel of 1980s public access TV?
  • Love watching two men gesture homiletically while standing awkwardly in something between a full shot and an establishing shot?
  • Do you want to see one man randomly pick up a tattered copy of C. Mervyn Maxwell’s God Cares in the middle of someone’s recently destroyed house and remark on the amazing fact that it was lying open to Matthew 24?

Then watch Tornado Survivor Stories here. . . I’d link you to it directly, but unlike every other media company that understands the web, the Adventist Church’s media won’t let you link to clips from its shows or embed them. (I guess more than 131 people might Like it on Facebook then.)

With a tag line of “Sharing the best news in the world!” one would think that Hope would try to make it easier to watch their news and share it.

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