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David Asscherick on Women’s Ordination

In the most recent episode of a series of video chats between running enthusiast pastors—titled Faster Pastor—David Asscherick, co-director of the Light Bearers self-supporting ministry, shares his belief regarding women’s ordination. First, about nine minutes in, Ron du Preez, Th.D., Resident Theologian and Director of Communication of the Michigan Conference articulates his support for equality in ministry. Then Asscherick, who gained a lot of attention for his letter regarding La Sierra University several years ago, begins sharing his approach to the theology 19 minutes into the conversation.

When it comes to the issue of women’s ordination, I don’t see anything in the New Testament that prohibits the ordination of women to the pastoral ministry. That what I’m looking for. If there was a plain text that said, ‘do not do this.’ Then we would find a prohibition and we would say ‘no.’ Now I don’t personally…find, what I would call, ‘a ringing endorsement,’ so in a situation in which we have neither a cautious prohibition nor a ringing endorsement, we have to look at the principles, what are the principles—both Old and New Testament, then how do we apply it to our situation today? And I personally am persuaded at this time, though I am open to all and any Biblical data, that there is nothing in the Bible that prohibits the ordination of women to any of the offices that could be occupied by a man. 

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