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Darfur: we have options, they don’t

By Alexander Carpenter
To raise awareness of this four-year conflict, actor, director and activist George Clooney
traveled to Sudan and Chad with his father, journalist Nick Clooney.
Nick and George Clooney plan to attend a “Rally to Stop Genocide”
organized by the Save Darfur Coalition on Sunday, April 30 in
Washington, D.C. The assembly plans to call on the international
community to help end the turmoil plaguing the African region.

Here’s a great discussion from the non-partisan Brookings Institution on the idea of the “responsibility to protect.” What’s particularly interesting is the release of new global poll data that shows that people, even in China, agree that the international community must act. I know that it is a lot of talking, but some of the questions that have been raised in the comments section in the last post are addressed here by experts.

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