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Cult video debate: Walter Martin vs. William Johnsson

The Questions on Doctrine (1957) conference got you interested in what really happened?

Are you wondering, why do people think that Adventists are a cult?

Pondering: is Adventism evangelical? Perhaps, dear reader, you will find something of value here.

Thanks to the our humble correspondent in Australia, Stephen Parker, the Spectrum Blog will ring in the new year (who says we ain’t historic Adventists?) with archive footage from a debate between Dr. Walter Martin (Kingdom of the Cults) and Dr. William Johnsson, the former editor of the Adventist Review on differences between Adventism and evangelicalism.

From the John Ankerberg Show.

In this first clip, Walter Martin discusses Froom’s first contact and why he first went to visit the Adventists in Washington DC.

Johnsson’s money quote: on QoD, “there was some disagreement when it came out.”

Martin’s money quote: we went through their literature “which was a morass of contradictions.”

You can’t say Spectrum doesn’t give you the best.

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UPDATE: The rest of the videos are here.

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