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One of the truly beautiful results of the marriage of affordable digital video, from webcams to some of the higher end options that independent filmmakers harness, to the internet, has been the ability of a whole range of people to reach out and make an impact. Stories that may have had limited impact twenty years ago, depending on your sphere of influence, have now been given the ability to be rallying cries for a huge audience. Revolutions and movements are beginning to hinge on their ability to keep in contact with the broader world.

This week’s videos feature members of the LGBT community, who, especially in the last two decades, have been used as a political football, a litmus test, and a point of religious debate. It’s easy to use words lightly and forget that we are speaking about people, with their own unique joys, pains, and fears. Here are their stories.

1. Until We Have Faces

2. Corey Bernstein

3. Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

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