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Creations—New Views

Film has given us an amazing vantage point from which to observe the world around us. We can see what a landscape looks like from high above, from the comfort of the couch, or what it feels like to whizz through a city of skyscrapers. It’s also given us a way to view the amazing feats of athleticism performed by fellow humans. We’ve been exposed to activities like rock-climbing and parkour that we wouldn’t be able to view in real life regularly, and certainly not (in the case of something like base-jumping) up close. This week’s films explore the world of rock-climbers, parkour athletes, and wing-suit flyers.

1. On Assignment

2. Ryan Doyle Parkour in Mardin

3. Wingsuit Basejumping

Leslie Foster is a filmmaker, an urban nomad, and the executive director of Traveling Muse Pictures, a Los Angeles-based film collective.

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