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This week’s films were inspired by various elements and places that have touched and shifted my life. Before I went to film school, I spent three years in biology; the first film captures the magic I would feel every time I explored the microscopic worlds that are all around us, invisible to the casual observer.

1. 40 mm Underworld

2. An Homage to Detroit

The second film is a poem for Detroit, my father and my grandparent’s city – a place that provokes many mixed feelings within my family. It is a city that, in spite of all the pain it has seen, never quite gives up on hope.

3. Street Art Proposal
Finally, one of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is getting to see amazing street art almost everywhere I walk. I also happend to be a bit of a romantic. This last film combines elements of both, documenting how a clever young man used street art and a little mystery to put together a unique proposal.

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