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Conference on Health Draws Big Names to Geneva


Last week, 1,150 people met in Geneva, Switzerland, to talk about health. The Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle, organized by the church’s Health Ministries Department, brought together health professionals and Adventist leaders from 81 countries. The goal of the conference was to enable participants to nurture the physical and spiritual well-being of people in their home countries. 

Ideally, the discussion about health at the conference will ultimately translate to the opening of community health centers with programs offering a Christ-modeled blend of physical and spiritual wellness in every Adventist church. The programs could include stress management courses, fitness classes, and Breathe-Free 2, a stop-smoking initiative unveiled at the conference, according to the Review.

The Adventist Review posted a series of reports on the conference, written by news editor Andrew McChesney, providing highlights from each day.

Conference speakers talked a lot about practicing what you preach. Last Wednesday, world church vice president (and marathoner) Delbert Baker, did 50 pushups, as well as jumping jacks and stretches, on stage in front of the crowd.

In addition to hearing from Delbert Baker, attendees heard from world church president Ted Wilson who made a case for vegetarianism; Kevin Jackson, president of major breakfast food maker Sanitarium Foods in Australia; and from Loma Linda graduate Jeffrey Kuhlman, who worked as President Barack Obama’s personal physician from 2009 to 2013 and is now senior vice president at Adventist-operated Florida Hospital.

Image: Delbert Baker, from the Review.

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