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Columbia Union Leaders Call for Day of Prayer


The Columbia Union Conference issued the following official statement today.

On Sunday, July 29, the Columbia Union Conference will convene a special constituency meeting to consider a request from the union executive committee to approve ministerial ordination without regard to gender.

In anticipation of that meeting, union president Dave Weigley is asking church members unionwide to set aside Sabbath, July 28, as a day of prayer.

“Since our announcement about the session, many people have been talking and praying about it, emailing me, commenting on our website and calling our office,” Weigley says. “The officers and I have been praying throughout this process, and before we convene this special meeting, we want to solicit the prayers of our unionwide family. Please pray with us for God’s Spirit to guide, His will to prevail, and that we as His people will heed His voice.”


Image: King David in Prayer, 1635-1640, Pieter de Grebber.

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