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CNN on shifts in evangelicalism

With 26.3% of the American population identifying as evangelical — the largest Pew-measured faith block in the country — the MSM often treats these “born-again Christians” as monolithic. But new data shows shifts in affiliation tied to youth and education and as Georgetown’s Jacques Berlinerblau argues in the WaPo, evangelicals are broadening their issues and even becoming “Obama-curious:”

Conservative Evangelicals do not necessarily equate Obama with the anti-Christ: This is of great importance. For, I don’t expect the majority of Evangelicals to actually vote for Obama. Most will find his pro-Choice and other liberal positions far too much to bear. But this does not mean that they would subject him to the Hillary Treatment. I have always been struck by the remark of a pastor who although chagrined by Obama’s positions on abortion conceded: “I wouldn’t vote for him . . . But if we had to have a Democrat, I’d like to have a Democrat like him.”

This clip includes interviews with Jim Wallis and Diana Butler Bass.

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