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Church Leaders Push the New York 13 and The Great Hope Projects


Church leaders participated in a discussion led by evangelist Shawn Boonstra discussing the New York 13 Project, an evangelistic crusade targeting New York City next year, and The Great Hope Project, a mass distribution of an abridged version of The Great Controversy “into every home,” in an hour-long special airing on the Hope Channel and 3 Angels Broadcasting Network.

Adventist World Leader, Ted Wilson along with Dan Jackson, President of the North American Division, two Union leaders, Donald King, President Atlantic Union and Frank Bondurant, Vice-President for Evangelism Columbia Union, and 5 Conference Presidents, G. Earl Knight, Greater New York Conference, Trevor Baker, Northeastern Conference, Jose Cortes Snr., New Jersey Conference, Frank Tochterman, Southern New England Conference and Charles Cheatham, Allegheny East Conference, recorded a special NY13 program at Hope Channel Studios.

NY13 Special with Shawn Boonstra.

Two quotes from the video about the two projects:

  • “[NY13 is] possibly the most ambitious outreach project in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”
  • “Our hope and vision is to distribute 2-3 million copies of these books.”
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