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Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

In addition to the hundreds of MSM hits, there are over 270 blog hits for the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq.
Here’s a sample from the people who went:

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist
shot this footage.
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From at the crossroads‘ Karissa, an EMU student:
I went to a war protest this weekend.
I know, I know. Me? I was surprised too. But don’t worry. I didn’t hold any angry signs or yell obscenities. All I had was a small electric candle, symbolizing the light of Christ and his call for peace. And all I said, aside from conversations with my friends and strangers along the 4-mile walk from the National Cathedral to the White House, was “Peace,” which we chanted at the White House. . . .At any rate, it was a beautiful, worthwhile event, and I am glad I went. Even though I never thought I would go to a protest:

From the Back Pew writes, “Even the name — the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq — is a revolutionary act.”
On his MySpace blog, 28-year-old Hammer of Truth writes, “I felt the need to help sound the trumpet myself.”
Don’t Eat Alone notes: “A significant part of the protest was the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, the combined conspiracy of most everyone from Adventists to Catholics and Pentecostals to the UCC.” And the restaurateur adds,
“One of the reasons it is significant to me that this particular protest was explicitly Christian is the justification of the war in Iraq often carries religious overtones, as if the war is Christian vs. Muslim. Bush intimates, often without much subtlety, that God is on our side because we are fighting for freedom and God is for freedom. I’m proud of the people who conspired to say God is for peace and so are many American Christians.”

Speaking of eating, An Old Curmudgeon writes:

“We would need to be at the Cathedral at about 5:00pm and were not sure when we would have another opportunity to eat. When feeding times are not certain, the only logical thing to do is eat big when the opportunity presents itself. We sat down to a fantastic lunch at the Old Ebbitts Grill. After cups of seafood gumbo and a crab cake, we again considered the uncertainty of supper and decided it would only be prudent to have some pie and ice cream. In these uncertain times, one cannot be too careful.”

Hoosier Daddy takes issue with the MSM coverage, noting the tendency for the media to lump the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq with the regular “anti” protests. He writes:

“However, this event Friday was in a whole different category of its own. It attracted no counterdemonstrators whatsoever. It was rooted and grounded in worship which filled the National Cathedral and in “divine obedience” in the middle of the night at the gates to the White House. It was definitely FOR something – for important and constructive goals that honor people, preserve life and work towards justice.”

“President Bush is going to win this war come hell or high water. Maybe he’s willing to forfeit his soul for his noble cause. He’s not dragging me down with him,” writes Les Enragés.
Here’s an audio recording of Jim Wallis’ speech.
Unexpectedly for herself,  Margaret feels patriotic: “It’s a pretty incredible country that will allow several thousand Christians to process down Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC carrying electric candles and various banners.”
Texas-based Brains and Eggs notes that Bush has “lost the Christians.”
From the buckle of the bible belt, Presbyterian minister Shuck and Jive simply notes: “they need to know that we want it ended.”
On LiveJournal, thatjugglerguy writes: “It was an amazing experience to see people connected like that, taking a stand for what they believe.”

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