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Changes Proposed to Fundamental Beliefs at Annual Council


SILVER SPRING – Delegates considered and discussed several changes to the Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs during Sunday’s afternoon business session at the 2014 Annual Council.

General Conference Executive Committee members heard proposed changes to several Fundamental Beliefs that would change language to be more gender inclusive.

Among the most significant proposals, the committee tasked with reviewing the beliefs recommended inserting the word “literal” and the word “recent” to close perceived loopholes that some felt left the door open to theistic evolution in Belief number six on Creation. On Belief number eighteen on the Gift of Prophecy, the committee proposed removing the words “As the Lord’s messenger” and “authoritative source of truth” describing Ellen White and her writings. The rationale, according to General Conference Vice President Artur Stele, was to maintain the Adventist belief in “Sola Scriptura”–the Bible as the only authoritative source of belief and practice.

A full report on the deliberations will follow in the fourth installment of Spectrum editor Bonnie Dwyer’s daily Annual Council Diary.

Meanwhile, updates in 140 characters from the discussion are available on the Spectrum Twitter account: @spectrummag. Follow Spectrum’s twitterfeed for up to the moment updates, especially as discussion turns to women’s ordination on Tuesday.

A PDF version of all the proposed revisions to the Fundamental Beliefs is available here.


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