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Challenge to La Sierra University’s Board

With La Sierra University’s Board scheduled to meet this week, the editor of the Educate Truth web site is highlighting the words of Central California Conference President Jerry Page who wrote to his staff about La Sierra in December:

La Sierra Update: So many prayers for LSU are being answered. Board members all agree that God really “showed up” recently at a 2-day meeting. There was an amazing spirit of unity and unanimous votes to strongly support the Church position on a literal 7 – 24 hour day creation week according to God’s word. They have also issued statements calling for a new curriculum for colleges about creation. The Board now plans to hold the Administration accountable to bring the needed changes in faculty.

Given that Page is not a member of the LSU Board raises a question about how he can make that closing statement that the Board is prepared to hold the Administration accountable. And a follow-up question would be to wonder if the statement will backfire. Will the LSU Board take umbrage at seemingly being told what to do?

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