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Caution: Politics and Revelation Mix on the Right

Sure, McCain doesn’t believe that Hagee hogwash, but saying that he’s “honored” by the endorsement shows some pretty unprincipled parsing. For a hero associated with honor, I can think of better words to associate with such an illogical, but highly paid, lip-flapper. McCain’s not strong or straight enough to run without doing a news conference with this bigot? Apparently.

That said, I did appreciate the little Revelation seminar in the video for several reasons beyond the reminder of the too-late-for-Spitzer cry.

1. It shows the not-so-peculiar allegorical hermeneutic of reading random European events onto apocalyptic visual metaphors. When you think about it, pinning pictures to historical events is about as subjective as it gets. Read all the variance over the past 150 years. Without critical thinking, good historiography, and magisteria, things get crazy.

2. It reveals that reading Catholicism into the beast is not the skill of the remnant (thus nor refraining a signal of apostasy) or the result of triple angelic insight. Read history: this sort of wacky anti-Catholicism was common purchase among old time fundamentalist Protestants, and a part of intra-Catholic fights too.

3. Thank God, and Uriah Smith, and Ellen White, that we believe in the seventh-day Sabbath and the moderating influence of separation of church and state, otherwise more might try to force anecdotal religious history into America’s future.

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