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Caricatures of Adventists: Doug Batchelor

With a laugh, I recently discovered the Caricatures of Adventists blog.

I have received permission from the anonymous artist to share some with you.

“Doug Batchelor is an excellent example of the pendulum effect. Batchelor was born to wealthy, influential parents. He grew up a rather undisciplined boy, living life to the fullest, if you know what I mean. From that end of the pendulum, he swung to the other end as a result of time spent in a cave in the desert of Southern California. He wrote about the cave experience in his book, “The Richest Caveman.”

In the cave, Batchelor found a Bible, which would thereafter become his primary means of earning a living. Batchelor became a Seventh-day Adventist pastor as well as the head honcho for a ministry called “Amazing Facts.”*

In the cave, he was often naked. He now wears suits. In the cave, he had long hair. He now enjoys a more polished look. How the pendulum swings!”

See more here.

*Originally said that he started it. See Monte’s comment.

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