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Campmeeting 2.0: Bloggin’ the 28 Adventist beliefs

By Alexander Carpenter
Welcome to a summer series of posts around the Adventist
blogosphere exploring the ethical call of Adventist beliefs.
Behind this experiment lies the simple question: how does this belief translate into
habits or actions today?
The contributers will be post on Tuesday and Friday on their own blog and the rest of the 2.0 Campmeeting participants will link to each post.
Thus far the participants include:
1. Holy Scriptures: Charles Scriven
2. Trinity: Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
3. Father:
4. Son:
5. Holy Spirit:
6. Creation
: Jared Wright
7. Nature of Man
: Sherman Cox II
8. Great Controversy
: Richard Doss
9. Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
:  Ron Osborn
10. Experience of Salvation
: Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson
11. Growing in Christ:
Trevan Osborn
12. Church
: Ryan Bell
13. Remnant and Its Mission: Johnny
A. Ramirez

14. Unity in the Body of Christ: Trisha Famisaran
15. Baptism: Ryan Bell
16. Lord’s Supper: Bill Cork
17. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries: Marcel Schwantes
18. The Gift of Prophecy: Alexander Carpenter
19. Law of God: Nathan Blake
20. Sabbath: Brian Swarts
21. Stewardship: Jared Wright
22. Christian Behavior: Chris Blake
23. Marriage and the Family: Carrol Grady / Siroj
24. Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary : Marty
Thurber / David Hamstra
25. Second Coming of Christ: Nathan Brown
26. Death and Resurrection: David Larson
27. Millennium and the End of Sin: Ed Guzman
28. New Earth: Monte Sahlin

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