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Call to Prayer

As editor of Spectrum’s spirituality column, I have been following reports about the new GC emphasis on “revival and reformation” with some interest. Christ’s great prayer in John 17 was that his followers would be one in spirit and love, seeking reconciliation in his body. For that reason, I was very pleased to see the call to communal prayer issued in the new document voted at Annual Council entitled God’s Promised Gift:

We appeal to each church member to unite with church leaders and millions of other Seventh-day Adventists seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at 7:00 each morning or evening, seven days a week. This is an urgent call to circle the globe with earnest intercession. This is a call to total commitment to Jesus and to experience the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit that our Lord is longing to give now.

Just prior to this appeal in the document, representatives of the world church make seven commendable commitments, the sixth of which is to make, “use [of] every available media outlet, conference, and workshop to appeal to church members to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus for the promised revival and reformation.” As a representative of this media outlet, Spectrum Magazine, I would like to promote the call put out by our leaders to pray in unity for a fresh experience of the Holy Spirit in the church at large. We will keep our readers posted on developments regarding the new initiative as we become aware of them. Those interested in reading the full voted document, God’s Promised Gift, can find it here.

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