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Build Muscle

Dear SPECTRUM Website Friends,

We’ve been surprised (even if we should have known) by hard times. So the approaching holidays are just what we need. Thanksgiving reminds of us of what we (still!) have to be thankful for. And Christmas, as the poet said, tells “the merriest tale.”

If God was man in Palestine, God has us to be signals of the divine today. And the Adventist Forum has been around for forty years now, challenging everyone to engage in conversation about this stupendous fact. I am writing today to ask you to put your faith and generosity behind this effort — behind SPECTRUM, a magazine you know you can trust, and behind the SPECTRUM website, with its ever-provocative give-and-take about the meaning of the Gospel for today.

For tax purposes, it makes sense for you to think about this now. But the best reason to think about it is that our mission of “creating community through conversation” depends on you and others like you.

The wider church is under assault, with popular culture either ignoring it, attacking it or propagating deceptive stereotypes about it. Adventism is in the line of fire, too. And it’s not enough just to be indignant. The best response is for people of faith to find new strength through imagination and tenacity.

Your gift this Holy Season will, quite simply, build muscle. It will help keep SPECTRUM and the website provocative and lively. It will help give energy and hope to Adventism’s thoughtful wing. It will, in short, help fortify resources for renewal that are as basic as bread.

We’re called to be the body of Christ: the courageous few who, by God’s grace, create light and dispel darkness. That calling requires us to support and strengthen the intelligence of faith.

I’m asking that you consider helping this effort. Click on the button below to contribute. We all know the economy is a challenge; but I cannot overstate how much your gift will matter and how much it will be appreciated.

Thank you so much. Your contributions will put a ribbon on Christmas, especially for the people who do the daily work of writing and editing the magazine and website.


Charles Scriven

President, Adventist Forum

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