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Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Rating the Creation and the Big Bang


As a believing geophysicist, George P. Saxon, in the accompanying article, explains why we need to be reading Genesis with less literalism and more realism, due to known laws of physics.


Scientific law is formulated when observations demonstrate that a process has repeatability and therefore, predictability. We throw a rock up and it comes back down, and from that we formulate the law of gravity — and so on. As this author notes, some of our interpretations of Genesis require a “gross violation of the laws of physics,” to use his terminology. For those not bothered by a God who violates his own laws on multiple levels, Saxon reminds us that if God created in a way that violates his own laws, and in this way therefore deceives us, we have serious reasons to question the proposition of a God of love.


For many points of scientific and biblical interpretation our author attempts to provide us with a range of assessments of coming to grips with the nature of reality.


– Jan M. Long


To conclude our “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” series, curated by Jan M. Long, we are republishing 10 articles from the Spectrum journal. This is the fifth article. Previous “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” articles can be found here.

Rating the Creation and the Big Bang

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