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Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Negotiating the Creation-Evolution Wars


Many readers are likely somewhat familiar with Fritz Guy’s thinking regarding Genesis One, with some of this having been developed in recent years through books and articles available to Spectrum readers. It is his belief that a literal reading of Genesis is mistaken, and those inclined to take this approach, if consistent, must deal with the literal definition of “firmament,” for example, intended by the ancient author of Genesis as a concept that even most biblical literalists will recognize to be problematic. In the following article, as one of the leading theologians in Adventism, Fritz Guy outlines a variety of possible approaches in addressing conflicts between scientific data, and how we interpret Scripture. Ultimately he offers what he believes to be the most constructive approach in dealing with this issue, namely one that takes both the biblical record seriously, as well as the records of geology, biology and cosmology.

– Jan M. Long

To conclude our “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” series, curated by Jan M. Long, we are republishing 10 articles from the Spectrum journal. This is the tenth and final article. Previous “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” articles can be found here.


Negotiating the Creation-Evolution Wars

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