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Bringing the Real World to Genesis: The Many Faces of Adventist Creationism: 1980-1995


The last article in this series presented much of the early foundational history with Adventism that would profoundly influence the evolution of Adventist thinking on issues of Genesis. In this current article featured below, we are provided a well detailed and rather mesmerizing history that has transpired up through the mid 1990s. It covers the politics of thought on Genesis, and the shifting alliances. It is a rather lengthy article, yet critical to a mature understanding of the dynamics that have transpired, leading to current attempts to create a robust fundamentalists interpretation of the Adventist doctrine on creation. 

– Jan M. Long

To conclude our “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” series, curated by Jan M. Long, we are republishing 10 articles from the Spectrum journal. This is the seventh article. Previous “Bringing the Real World to Genesis” articles can be found here.



The Many Faces of Adventist Creationism

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