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BREAKING: Kenyan Birth Certificate Reveals True Origins of Spectrum*

There have been some rumors of this around the literalist Adventist blogosphre, but now irrefutable documentary proof has been unearthed.

Apparently during a rough time in their respective publication histories, the Adventist Review and AMERICA Magazine birthed SPECTRUM secretly at the Seventh-day Adventist Union Mission Hospital in Kenya. Of course, no one knew that SPECTRUM would become a continually published forty-year institution in Adventism.

Apparently we all just assumed pure Adventist genes and citizenship via an Adventist ghetto hospital in Loma Linda, Hinsdale or at least White Memorial.

Some now claim that this mixed lineage proves SPECTRUM’s illegitimacy–that it can no longer be the intellectual precedent in Adventism.

But others say that SPECTRUM is too legit to quit and that its genetic mix of Adventism and preferential social justice (and non-conspiratorial news) make for just the right mix as we create community through conversation.


P.S. Don’t forget to sign up and come have fun with us as we celebrate 40 years of SPECTRUM. Learn more here.

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