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Bloggin’ the 28: Millennium And The End of Sin : New Creations As Agents of the Kingdom

By Alexander Carpenter
Claremont doctoral candidate Ed Guzman writes:
No more pain,suffering, death; things made new (REv. 21:5)
I find great comfort in the Adventist’s church historic mission to
‘make [hu]man whole.’ Imperfect, finite, and as flawed by the mistakes
of a modernist genesis, the church has proven an unflinching commitment
to bringing about the alleviation of pain, suffering and death. This is
evidenced in our worldwide health network, international relief
projects, and strong educational system. The Pauline new creation
instantiates the promises of the future kingdom in their daily actions
as a citizen of this world. And in this respect, the church has forged
ahead as a exemplar of God’s kingdom in the now.

Our church has traditionally shied away from involvement in the worldly
power structures that effect all peoples. Perhaps the Pauline exception
to power structures has biblical merit. Yet, as new creations that
instantiate the kingdom the reticence of institutional (Adventist)
activism in this world does not preempt involvement at a grass-roots
level. After all, isn’t the kingdom boundless, unfettered by the
parameters of institutional interests
Read it all at his blog, Substance and Shadows. And comment there too.

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