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Bloggin’ the 28: The Heavenly Sanctuary

Just when you thought that with homosexuality and a non-gendered God, the Adventist blogosphere couldn’t get more conventional and boring. . .now it’s time for bloggin’ The Heavenly Sanctuary. Here’s a very practical take on the topic, by two pastors — Marty Thurber and David Hamstra over at Just Pastors — who imagine a conversation with God and include a second part which has probing point:
“When Paul Rusesabagina, the innkeeper in Rwanda offered sanctuary in his hotel, he was building God a sanctuary. When the pastor Elizaphan Ntakirutimana and
his son offered the illusion of sanctuary, really offering only death
and slaughter, they were yielding to the darkness which wishes to exist
in all of us. The light of God’s sanctuary is seven branched, unwilling
to be walled in, hid under a basket as it were. This light intends to
go to every country and every home and every hotel and every heart.”

Amen! Read and comment here.

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