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Bloggers Go Old Media

Recently several bloggers and regulars here at Spectrum have been interviewed for a new Adventist television series called intersections.

Pastor Ryan Bell writes:

I’ve been invited by a couple of the faculty at the School of Religion at Loma Linda University to participate in a conversation being taped today for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network on the topic of Human Trafficking. Dr. Julius Nam is the co-host of this regular program called “Intersections” (what a nice name for the program) and Dr. Siroj Sorajjakool is an expert on this topic especially as it relates to his native Thailand.

And Jared Wright notes:

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to appear on the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) as part of a panel discussion on Christianity and Care for the Earth. LLBN, which started as a small-town dream, has grown its viewership steadily and surpassed the audience of SDA TV giant 3ABN.

I took part in the taping of a program called Intersections, scheduled to air in the Fall. Our discussion, called “Why on Earth Should We Care?” dealt with global warming and ecological crises and how Christians might faithfully respond to them. I joined Lee Greer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Genomics at La Sierra Universty as a guest panelist. Julius Nam, Carla Gober, and Leigh Aveling hosted the program.

Before the taping, we met together in a restaurant in Loma Linda to discuss the program and become acquainted. I already knew Julius Nam from various other associations, and had met Lee Greer once before at the San Diego Adventist Forum’s retreat at Pine Springs Ranch, during which Greer was a guest presenter and panelist.

After lunch, we went over to the LLBN studios to apply makeup and tape the segment. If you don’t know me, let me tell you about my receding hairline. It has been likened to deforestation and low tide. It glows when light shines on it. After liberally applying some powdery stuff to my shiny dome, I took my place in front of the cameras with the other panelists. (I realized after the taping that I had cotton fuzz stuck to my facial whiskers from the pad I used to apply my makeup. I just know it’ll show up on TV!

The 30-minute segment flew by! While taping, we managed to tip the tabletop by leaning on it, and someone’s cell phone went off for about ten seconds. We hashed out the Christian response to the environment and made certain that nobody would confuse us for New Agey Earth Worshippers. It’s the Creator we honor by caring for Creation people!

I had a great time at LLBN, and look forward to the show’s airing in the coming months.

Something’s up. Someone besides Tom and Elaine are reading Adventist blogs, apparently. . .

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