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The Best Is Yet to Come

As I announced at the beginning of June I am handing over the blog today. This doesn’t conclude my work with Spectrum—I’m just freeing up some time to get other projects done. Thankfully, Alita Byrd is taking over as interim editor. She’s already familiar to many of you through her interviews of interesting Adventists for Spectrum. In fact, she’s been involved with Spectrum for two decades. I first read her thoughtful reportage in the 1990s on the Seventh-day Adventists who participated in the Rwandan genocide. Since then Alita completed an undergraduate degree in Journalism (Washington Adventist University), a graduate degree in the History of International Relations (London School of Economics) and she’s lived in some great places around the world. I’ve always appreciated her interest in Adventist stories—both individual and collective—and I’m looking forward to seeing how the blog grows under her leadership. 

A few housekeeping items. If you’ve sent articles to me, I am in the process of passing them along to Alita. Also, I will continue bloggin’ the 28 Fundamental Beliefs this summer. 

I’d like thank the Adventist Forum board. They have been forward-looking and crucial in fostering this community conversation over the last seven years. Finally, as does everyone who knows her, I appreciate Bonnie Dwyer. She has consistantly modeled graceful Adventism and taught me much about how Adventism functions like a family. That’s how I think of you. Family. The collective Adventist story connects us and defines us individually in a variety of ways. Perhaps that’s why we care—liberal, moderate, conservative—by conversing about Adventism we are creating who we are and what that means. Onward and upward, brothers and sisters, the best is yet to come. 

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